Death is something we’re all going to have to face eventually – for ourselves and others.

Why then is death one of our biggest hang ups, mysteries, and fears?

What if I told you after studying 5,000 people who died that most of us have death all wrong?

What if I told you that many of our debilitating fears about death were fabricated and false?

What if I could reveal to you 10 Comforting Truths about death and what comes next that would not only significantly change your perspective about death but positively change how you lived your life?

What if I could show you that while death is certainly scary, disastrous, gut-wrenching, and heartbreaking from the mourner’s vantage point, from the deceased person’s perspective it is profound, positive, and peaceful?

Who would believe and say such a crazy thing? 🤯

Learn from Thousands of Near-Death Experiencers

There’s a unique group of people living among us who actually look forward to their death – of course when it is their time.

There’s a thought-provoking, heartwarming, and soul-stirring group of people who don’t fear death when they or a loved one are near death. This fascinating group of people is naturally sad when they go to funerals – but admittedly a bit jealous too!

“Death was my worst nightmare, until I experienced it for myself. In Heaven, God allowed me a glimpse of what happens when we leave our lives on earth, and showed me that the transition is not only painless but also glorious. Even more profound, in Heaven I gained the knowledge that we never truly die. Our spirits continue on.” Crystal McVea 😇

“Free from the anxiety about my own death or that of my loved ones, I’ve radically changed my response to death. When someone I love dies, I am certainly sad for the loss, but I also feel a small pang of envy, knowing the person is returning to our true home.” Dr. Mary Neal 😇

“I’m no longer scared of or worried about death. Actually, I’m not scared of or worried about much of anything anymore! I guess because I’ve died and it wasn’t all that bad, not much of this world frightens me.” Nancy Rynes 😇

“I’d traveled to the other side of the veil, and I knew there’s no such thing as death. What we refer to as being dead was the most breathtakingly beautiful experience I’d ever had. The Afterlife is real, more real and more utterly magnificent than anything we could ever dream up on this side of the veil… I missed being dead!” Dannion Brinkley 😇

Who are these unusual people and why do they have such a different view of death and what comes next than most of the rest of the world?

They’re known as Near-Death Experiencers – people who have actually died a clinical death, been to the Other Side, Heaven, the Afterlife, Paradise, Nirvana, our Eternal Home, or whatever you prefer to call it, and miraculously returned to life. Their heavenly experience gives them a special and sacred first-hand look at what really happens at death as well as an in-depth, behind the veil view of an amazing Afterlife.

What these Near-Death Experiencers (NDErs) witness and learn on their death-defying visits to Heaven is truly enlightening and enormously helpful for the rest of us when it comes to addressing and allaying our many misconceptions and fears about death and the Afterlife. Surprisingly yet thankfully, NDErs reveal that death is most definitely NOT what most of us have been led to believe it is.

“Since then I have never feared death. I’m not looking forward to the process of dying, of course, but I do not fear being dead in the physical sense. Even when I am sad about losing people very close to me, I am at peace, knowing that they are okay and that I will see them again. That has really been a gift. It has prevented me from suffering the severe depression many people go through, feeling that they have lost their loved ones forever. Since my near-death experience, I feel secure and comforted about the continuance of life. I know my deceased loved ones are not truly dead. They have merely entered the human spirit’s next realm of existence.” Kathy K. 😇

“I felt so overwhelmed with love and kindness and like I was going into the most loving home-like setting. It was such a comforting, embracing type of feeling you didn’t ever want to leave it… I had never felt so totally encased in such a warm feeling of love and belonging in my entire life… I know that since that happened I have not been afraid of death. I look forward to dying… I have tried to use my experience to help others who speak of being afraid to die.” Dee H. 😇

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