What REALLY Happens When We Die Master Class

What REALLY Happens When We Die

An 8-Week Online Master Class on 5,000 Near-Death Experiences

Love to learn more about what really happens to us and our loved ones at death?

Discover what 5,000 Near-Death Experiencers learned about life, death, and the Afterlife.

Take your interest in Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) to the next level by learning from one of the top experts on NDEs and having meaningful, honest, and soul-stirring discussions on  Life’s Biggest Questions.

Join our online 8-week What REALLY Happens When We Die Master Class specifically geared for Round Trip Death listeners. You and a small group of fellow spiritual seekers will meet weekly via Zoom to learn all about what really happens to us and our loved ones at physical death.

Led by respected Near-Death researcher and author Jeff Janssen, who has studied and synthesized over 5,000 Near-Death Experiences and written four books on them, you’ll explore and solve the many mysteries, myths, and misconceptions of life, death, and the Afterlife.

Discover Soul-Soothing Answers to These 10 Questions:

1. Is there really life after death?

2. What actually happens when we die?

3. Are we and our deceased loved ones okay after death?

4. Do we or our loved ones suffer in any way?

5. Does anyone ever die alone?

6. Are we judged at death and if so how?

7. Where do we and our loved ones go after death?

8. Are our deceased loved ones still a part of our life now?

9. What do our loved ones in spirit want for us and our life?

10. If Heaven is so good why should we stay here?

If you’re looking for solid answers to any or all of these intriguing questions, this Master Class is for you!


“Participating in Jeff’s Master Class and Discussion Group was an inspiring, challenging, invigorating, soul-searching experience. Jeff guided our small group through weekly sessions, leading us on deep dives into each lesson and sharing his insights and perspectives. Jeff created a safe environment for us to work through our questions, doubts and observations, and the weekly schedule kept us accountable to the work and to each other. I can say with confidence that my outlook on my life, and how I want to live it every day, is dramatically improved through this experience.”


What you’ll receive:

  • 8 Inspiring and Interactive Master Classes live on Zoom
  • Copy of Jeff’s popular book Comforting Truths from Heaven
  • The chance to learn sacred insights from 5,000 Near-Death Experiencers
  • Weekly emails and links to inspiring videos, articles, and resources
  • A great group of like-minded spiritual seekers taking the journey with you
  • An opportunity to talk about spiritual topics you often can’t with others

This interactive and immersive 8-week experience provides you with all the resources, insights, and support necessary to fully absorb and implement these powerful and practical insights into your own life.

What Class and Discussion Group Participants are Saying…

“Jeff led a Class and Discussion Group for a group of our Helping Parents Heal parents. Even better than just reading about Near-Death Experiences is being able to have an open discussion about them and what they mean for the rest of us. Jeff distills the wisdom from the NDEs into lessons we can easily apply. Reading the book was enlightening, but having the weekly Discussion Groups brought it to another level. Going through the discussion group changed everyone in the group, including myself.”

 BRIAN SMITH, Cincinnati, OH

“I joined the Class and Discussion Group after losing my young son to a sudden illness. I thought it might help with the trauma and grief associated with my loss. What I enjoyed most about participating in this program was being able to connect with a group of like-minded individuals who were also interested in exploring these spiritual topics. For me, being able to contemplate these topics openly while also hearing other people’s perspectives on the material, only made the experience that much more valuable. This book, along with the discussion group, has been instrumental in my healing journey. Whether you are simply interested in learning more about near-death experiences and the existence of an afterlife, are trying to heal from a trauma or loss, or somewhere in between, I would highly recommend this book along with the discussion group as part of your spiritual journey.”



Positive Real Life Changes

Surveys of class participants found the following positive life changes and a greater ability to:

  • handle and overcome life’s hardships, challenges, and crises
  • find more purpose, passion, perspective, and meaning in one’s life
  • trust there is a Divine Plan for your life despite the chaos and confusion you might sometimes feel

Finally, the fear of death and dying dropped dramatically for program participants. Those who feared death for themselves or others reported it decreased significantly by the end of the program.

The What REALLY Happens When We Die Master Class and Discussion Group is for people from all faiths, spiritual paths, agnostics, and atheists. The program is not designed to replace your current beliefs but to give you an opportunity to explore them in light of what people who have been to the Other Side have learned.


What REALLY Happens When We Die Master Class Schedule

Wednesday Nights (8:30-9:30 pm eastern) – January 10 to February 26 on Zoom (Only 25 spots available)

The 60-minute master classes and discussions occur live on Zoom over 8 consecutive weeks starting January 10 at 8:30 pm eastern. We will send a copy of the book to you as part of the registration (if you live outside the U.S. additional shipping charges will apply). Our group fills up quickly but we are taking a Wait List in case any spots open up – please register using the link below. You don’t need to attend every class to participate but hopefully you can make most of them. We’ll provide a recording of the class in case you miss any.


About Your Master Class Teacher

As the author of Comforting Truths from Heaven, 10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven, Your Life’s Ripple Effect, and What You’ll Learn in Heaven, Jeff Janssen has studied over 5,000 NDEs and distilled their powerful wisdom into this practical Master Class. Jeff has shared these NDE truths and lessons with a wide variety of people including the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS), Duke University’s Rhine Research Center, bereaved parents and spouses, formerly incarcerated women, and people of all walks of life. He has authored numerous books and has inspired thousands of people around the world. Round Trip Death podcast host Eric Bennett will also join us as his schedule permits.

Save $100 for Round Trip Death Listeners

Normally $195, Round Trip Death Listeners can save $100 on the Master Class and register at the highly discounted rate of only $95. This special rate includes the 8 weekly classes and copy of Jeff’s book Comforting Truths from Heaven which will be the primary text for the class and sent to you when you register. (If you are outside the U.S. additional shipping charges will apply.)

To maximize the interaction and keep the class size manageable, we are limiting the number to no more than 25 people so be sure to register TODAY before all the spots are taken!

“If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of death, I can recommend the very best book available to ease those fears and set your mind at peace. Comforting Truths from Heaven provides real and reassuring evidence that death is not to be feared – and in fact has much to teach us about how to live. Jeff Janssen is a leading expert in this field and has researched thousands of Near-Death Experiences. What a wonderful gift he has given us in this book!”


Best-Selling Author of Lessons from the Light, International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Co-Founder

“I would personally love for every person dealing with grief, death, and dying to participate in a Class and Discussion Group! Regardless of one’s current beliefs about heaven and hell, having these important compassionate views as possibilities of what awaits us on the other side are indeed life-changing, empowering, and comforting to the soul! Thank you, Jeff, for sharing these profound stories! My life is forever changed for the better.” 

REVEREND TINA BROWN, Unity Minister, Inspirational Unity Celebration Church of Scottsdale

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