Your Life’s Ripple Effect Book

Learn How Your Life Powerfully and Profoundly Impacts Others

Ever wonder how your lifetime of choices, words, and actions impacts your family, friends, and even total strangers?

Discover exactly how much your life really matters to everyone and everything through this life-changing book. By learning what thousands of people experienced when their life flashed before their eyes when they faced death in their Life Review, you’ll discover how your every choice, word, and action positively or negatively impacts others.

Based on studying over 3,500 Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), respected researcher and author Jeff Janssen shows you how and why the Life Review is the most powerful aspect of the NDE – one that profoundly and permanently changes the life of the NDErs – and those who learn about them!

In addition to dozens of applicable exercises at the end of the chapters, you can conduct your own comprehensive Life Review using Jeff’s practical and proven 6 Lessons from the Life Review framework.

Don’t miss this truly one-of-a-kind book – the first and only dedicated solely to the unforgettable Life Review.

Author Jeff Janssen, Paperback, 240 pages, $19.95


Your Life’s Ripple Effect Will Help You:

  • recognize your powerful Ripple Effect on your family, friends, and the world
  • realize you really do matter and everything you do matters to someone
  • find and fulfill your life’s special mission and purpose here on Earth
  • understand the many mysteries of life, death, God, and the Afterlife
  • know your deceased loved ones are alive and well in Heaven
  • live your life fully and fearlessly with more purpose, passion, and perspective

“This special book helps you realize the power of your thoughts, words, and actions throughout your lifetime. I highly recommend this book to learn how much your life really matters to so many people.”


Near-Death Experiencer, Author of Knowing

“Jeff Janssen’s Your Life’s Ripple Effect is the book I have not only been waiting for; it’s one I wish I had written! Jeff shows the reader how to learn from the most important feature of near-death experiences, the Life Review, and does a masterful job drawing out its implications for one’s daily life. It is a cliché to say ‘this book could change your life’, but in this case, it really will once you begin to absorb its lessons. I simply cannot recommend this book strongly enough! Now pick it up and learn how near-death experiences can teach us how to live.”


Author of Lessons from the Light, International Association of Near-Death Studies Co-Founder

Linked below are some sample sections of the book so you can see what you’ll learn and gain:

The Powerful Impact of the Life Review

The Ripple Effect of Your Life

6 Lessons from the Life Review


Your Life’s Ripple Effect is a beautiful and thorough description of a wide range of Life Reviews experienced by people from all walks of life. The most valuable parts of the book are the exercises you can do on your own so you can receive the benefits of a Life Review without having to go through an NDE yourself. A must-read!”


Near-Death Experiencer, Author of Awakenings from the Light

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