10 Life-Changing Lessons Book

Looking to discover who you are, why you’re here, and how to find and fulfill your life’s purpose?

Learn the powerful, practical, and paradigm-shifting wisdom of 2,500 Near-Death Experiencers as they reveal and share the profound insights and life-changing lessons they received on their death-defying visits to Heaven. Don’t wait to die to learn how you’re called to live!

Author Jeff Janssen, Paperback, 272 pages, $19.95


10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven Reveals:

  • what actually happens to us and our loved ones when we die
  • if heaven and hell really exist, who goes to each, and why
  • what critical questions we’ll all be asked at the end of our life
  • who really judges us, when, how, and the exact criteria used
  • why bad things happen to good people and how to overcome them
  • how life’s hardships and heartaches are surprisingly designed to help us
  • why we’re here on earth and what we’re meant to do and accomplish
  • why forgiving ourselves and others is essential for our soul’s growth
  • why everyone has a unique purpose and how to find and fulfill yours
  • why we can trust completely that everything happens for a reason

“As someone who has had a life-changing near-death experience, I absolutely love this book. Jeff has captured many profound life lessons from thousands of NDErs and put them into a practical framework that everyone can benefit from. By applying these lessons, we make the world a better place. And to me, that’s what this is all about. Acting upon the insights contained in this amazing book has the power to transform your life!”


Near-Death Experiencer, Author of Knowing

10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven is a must read for those who want to live a meaningful life and impact the world. Jeff’s book is an extraordinary gift of valuable life lessons from those who have died and come back.”


CNN Hero, Author of Becoming Ms. Burton, A New Way of Life Founder

“Jeff Janssen’s 10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven is a powerful collection of priceless lessons from those who have experienced a sacred glimpse of what comes next. Jeff not only reveals the heavenly realm beyond this one, but more importantly, the valuable wisdom we can use to live our fullest and most joyful lives here and now!”


Spiritual Teacher, Author of I AM

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10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven is a treasury of Near-Death Experience wisdom. I am so impressed with this splendid book and know it will touch many hearts and lives. Jeff has obviously scoured the literature, talked with many NDErs, and gathered so many wonderful NDE accounts. He has done a magnificent job compiling all this information into such a readable and accessible format. This is such a special book that it should be re-read every year!”


Author of Lessons from the Light, International Association of Near-Death Studies Co-Founder

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