Comforting Truths from Heaven Book


10 Reassuring Reasons Not to Fear Death and What Comes Next


Does the thought of death unnerve, depress, scare, or even terrify you?

Has a loved one died and you’re wondering and worrying about if they’re still alive in some way, and if so, where they went?

Have you or a loved one received a terminal diagnosis?

Comforting Truths from Heaven shares what 5,000 Near-Death Experiencers learned about life, death, and the Afterlife based on their death-defying and enlightening visits to Heaven.

You’ll learn the 10 SURPRISING TRUTHS about death and why Near-Death Experiencers actually look forward to their death when it is their time!

Discover Soul-Soothing Answers to These 10 Questions:

1. Is there really life after death?

2. What actually happens when we die?

3. Are we and our deceased loved ones okay after death?

4. Do we or our loved ones suffer in any way?

5. Does anyone ever die alone?

6. Are we judged at death and if so how?

7. Where do we and our loved ones go after death?

8. Are my deceased loved ones still a part of my life now?

9. What do my loved ones in spirit want for me and my life?

10. If Heaven is so good why should I stay here?

If you’re looking for solid answers to any or all of these intriguing questions, this book is for you!


Comforting Truths from Heaven can be ordered individually or in discounted 5-packs or 10-packs. Get one for yourself and share the others with your family and friends who are grieving the loss of a parent, spouse, child, sibling, relative, friend, or pet. You can also share one with a local hospital, nursing home, hospice, place of worship, and/or funeral home to bring hope to those who need it the most.

Author Jeff Janssen, Paperback, 240 pages, $19.95

Comforting Truths From Heaven Will Help You:

  • overcome your fear or uneasiness about death for yourself and/or your loved ones
  • understand what REALLY happens when we die and what comes next
  • learn where your loved ones go after physical death and what they’ll experience
  • figure out who your deceased loved one likely saw at death and if you’ll see them again
  • find comfort if you’re worried your loved one suffered in a tragic accident or died alone
  • realize exactly how your loved one’s life was evaluated and judged (and how yours will be)
  • figure out how to best move forward with your life after the devastating passing of a loved one

“This is the book I wish I had when my son died! It offers so much hope, reassurance, comfort, and healing to anyone who has lost a loved one. It has become my #1 recommendation to every bereaved parent I meet.”


Author of Confessions of Child Loss

“If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of death, I can recommend the very best book available to ease those fears and set your mind at peace. Comforting Truths from Heaven provides real and reassuring evidence that death is not to be feared – and in fact has much to teach us about how to live. Jeff Janssen is a leading expert in this field and has researched thousands of Near-Death Experiences. What a wonderful gift he has given us in this book!”


Author of Lessons from the Light, International Association of Near-Death Studies Co-Founder

“As a health care professional who has worked with many types of patients for over four decades, this book is a long-awaited resource for anyone struggling with fears surrounding their own death or the death of a loved one. As a near-death experiencer myself, I can promise that the wisdom and truth contained in this book will bring the comfort, light, and peace of the Other Side to the reader right here, right now.” 


Near-Death Experiencer

“As a nurse working in a critical care environment and as a mother who has endured child loss, this book brings peace and comfort to a topic that most people do not want to discuss until they are forced to. Do yourself a favor and read this book now, before you are faced with a terminal diagnosis or the death of a loved one. If you are already there, this book provides so many comforting truths to help you on your journey. I wish everyone had this knowledge in their Tool Box for Life.”



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