Who We Help

We serve people from all walks of life and ages who are interested in bringing more purpose, peace, positivity, and perspective into their lives. Whether you are religious, spiritual, agnostic, or an atheist – all religious views and spiritual paths are valued and respected.

Those who have benefited most from our resources and programs include people who are:

Seeking Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions

If you wonder:

  • Who am I and why am I here?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • Does life have a purpose and, if so, how do I find and fulfill mine?

Ready to Live a Bigger Life

If you:

  • feel stuck in your life and struggle to find your true calling and purpose
  • feel restricted and ruled by your fears and reluctant to live life fully and fearlessly
  • know there is something bigger, broader, and bolder you’re meant to do with your life
  • believe you are being called to do more but are unsure or scared of the next steps to take

Gripped by Fear and/or Grief

If you:

  • grieve the loss of loved ones and wonder where they are and if they’re okay
  • fear your own death and/or the death of your loved ones
  • feel worried or terrified you are going to hell because of the “mistakes” you’ve made
  • have a hard time forgiving yourself and/or others and letting go of past mistakes

Spiritual Seekers

If you:

  • are curious and want to learn more about life, death, and the Afterlife
  • are searching for a set of Universal Truths that undergird and transcend all religions
  • desire a practical spiritual framework that resonates with your head, heart, and soul
  • don’t subscribe to any particular religion but you believe a Higher Power exists

Re-examining Their Religion

If you:

  • were raised in a certain religion but now are re-examining it to see if it truly fits
  • have some unanswered and unresolved questions with your current religion
  • seek a practical spiritual path without arbitrary and archaic rules, rituals, and regulations
  • desire a modern-day spirituality that makes sense in today’s complex and crazy world

Navigating Life’s Transitions

If you:

  • are contemplating your mortality because you experienced a milestone birthday (40, 50, 65, etc.)
  • have children going off to school, are an empty nester, and wondering what’s next
  • are going through a divorce or relationship change and feeling lost or uncertain
  • are experiencing a job loss or transition and are trying to figure out your next move

If any of these describe where you might be on your life’s path or spiritual journey, we encourage you to explore our blog, resources, and programs to learn more about how we might be able to help…

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