What You’ll Learn in Heaven Book

A Comforting Story for Those Who’ve Lost a Loved One

Are you looking to help your child or one you know understand a recent death in the family? 

Whether they are grieving the loss of a grandparent, parent, sibling, friend, relative, or pet, this uplifting and inspiring book helps children and people of all ages understand what happened to their loved one, where they went, and realize they are still an important part of their life.

Based on studying over 3,500 children, teenagers, and adults who temporarily died and went to Heaven through a Near-Death Experience, this story provides tremendous hope and healing to those grieving the loss of a loved one. This special book synthesizes what thousands of near-death experiencers saw, heard, felt, and learned in Heaven into a cohesive, compelling, and comforting story for kids and adults alike.

Ultimately, despite our grief and sadness, the near-death experiencers assure us that our loved ones are still alive in spirit, doing amazingly well in Heaven, and still closely connected to our life on Earth even though we will not see them again until we reunite in the Afterlife. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs might be, this book is a great resource for grieving kids – and adults too.

Author Jeff Janssen, Hardcover, 40 pages, $19.95


What You’ll Learn in Heaven Reveals:

  • what actually happens to our loved ones when they die
  • where our loved ones go and who is there to greet them
  • what Heaven looks and feels like
  • why Earth is considered a school for our souls
  • how our loved ones are still an important part of life from Heaven
  • why we all have an important purpose here for our life on Earth

“I highly recommend this book for children and anyone who would like to learn more about Heaven, our life’s purpose, and how to move forward and heal after the passing of a loved one.”


Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal

Beautifully Illustrated by World-Famous Angel Artist Karen Tarlton

In addition to the comforting story, the book is beautifully illustrated by world-famous angel artist Karen Tarlton. Karen’s colorful custom oil paintings perfectly capture all of the other-worldly colors, immense beauty, sheer wonder, and expansive joy of Heaven. 

Karen’s awe-inspiring paintings of angels, the tunnel, Heaven, and God are worth the price of the book alone. You’ll soon discover why Jeff only wanted Karen to do the heavenly illustrations for this beautiful book.


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