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Looking to inspire your group?

We offer a variety of inspiring and interactive programs for groups of all sizes and backgrounds. Whether you are looking for an hour long keynote, a half or full day workshop, or weekend retreat, we offer a variety of programs and topics to best fit your goals, time frame, and budget.

Our most popular programs include:

10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven

Discover the powerful, practical, and paradigm-shifting 10 Life-Changing Lessons that over 2,500 Near-Death Experiencers learned on their death-defying visits to Heaven.




Live Your Life Fully and Fearlessly

Learn how to courageously face and finally break through your self-limiting fears and live your life fully and fearlessly. Discover what it takes to dismantle and destroy your fears and finally live your dreams.




The Ripple Effect

Learn how even your smallest actions can have a powerful Ripple Effect across people, situations, and even generations. You will never be the same again once you understand the awesome power of your Ripple Effect!




Jeff is a talented and engaging speaker who has studied thousands of near-death experiences (NDEs). He distills the experiences of countless NDEs into valuable principles that address Life’s Biggest Questions—principles that can be applied toward mastering our challenges, understanding our purpose, and most of all, living a more loving and emotionally fulfilling life.  Jeff has excellent command of his topic and he presents the information with insight, wit, and humility. The audience paid rapt attention for the full two hours of Jeff’s presentation. We could have listened for hours more!


D.C. Rhyne

LCSW, Clinical Social Worker and IANDS Member

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