Near-Death Experiencers (NDErs) tell us one of the most powerful and life-changing parts of their death-defying near-death experience is when they see their entire lifetime of situations, relationships, conversations, and choices appear before them in what is known as a Life Review.

It is the Life Review that has the greatest effect on people who have had a near-death experience. Although passing up a tunnel, seeing dead relatives, and being bathed in the mystical light all have a great effect, the panoramic Life Review instills in people a sense of who they are and how they fit in. The Life Review will let us see everything we have done and become everyone we have ever met. It also gives us true understanding of justice and equality. During the experience you become the judge and jury over events in your life. Through that experience, you will know just how it is that you have affected the world… The panoramic Life Review remains the pinnacle point of my time spent in Heaven.” Dannion Brinkley Author of At Peace in the Light

The Life Review shows people exactly how their whole life impacted others in both positive and negative ways. Here are two compelling examples from NDErs Dianne Morrissey and Marion Rome describing aspects of their Life Reviews and what they learned when their life “flashed” before their eyes:

As the Life Review continued, I was shown two very special deeds I had performed. I saw myself at seventeen, when I’d worked at a convalescent hospital after school. I had grown fond of a toothless old woman who was no longer able to speak clearly, and who never had visitors. She liked to suck on graham crackers before going to bed, but no one wanted to serve her because when she had finished, she would drool as she kissed the entire length of the arm of the person feeding her. While others avoided her, I willingly fed her the cookies she adored, seeing how happy this made her. When that scene was replayed for me, I felt as if every loving spirit in God’s kingdom was thanking me in unison. I was amazed that such an act could have meant so much to God – and to me. I felt humbled and very honored. As these scenes were displayed before me, every emotion I had originally felt returned in full force. I also felt as if God and the angelic being were honoring me for having performed those deeds. I will never forget the love that surrounded me at that moment, or the joy that ran through me. Can you imagine being hugged by God and your angel? It’s an experience that defies description!” Dr. Diane Morrissey

I had been shown my entire life from birth to my ‘death.’ During this Life Review, I saw the consequences of my actions for other people… Throughout my life, I have done many things I regretted. Like anyone, there have been times when I have made poor choices and bad decisions… There was a time when a classmate of ours got a Superman outfit on his birthday. Every little boy at the party wanted to try it on and so did Oliver. Alas, he was too heavy for the costume and, when his turn came to put it on, he couldn’t close the zipper. Everyone was laughing and I said: ‘He’s not Superman, he’s Superfat,’ and I kept repeating this over and over again, along with the other kids, amid the general laughter. Now my soul could feel every single bit of his pain. Emotion by emotion – and in a much more powerful way than we can experience it on earth – I could feel everything he felt that day because of me: sadness, shame, distress, anger… I could see him after the party crying alone in his room, wondering why other kids always made fun of him. It broke my heart in a way I can’t begin to explain…” Marion Rome Author of Beyond Sight

As you can see, the Life Review is so much more than a quick flash of images of your life. These comprehensive, intensive, mind-blowing, emotionally-charged, and spiritually-enlightening Life Reviews deeply impact the NDErs and transform them into much more conscious, kind, compassionate, loving, and empathetic people the rest of their lives. Reviewing and re-experiencing all of their life choices and seeing their previously unknown powerful and long-lasting Ripple Effect on others for seemingly simple acts changes them for the better.

Life Reviews teach us how to live. It is as simple as that. There are certain values – universal values – we are meant to live by, and Life Review episodes contain vivid and powerful reminders of these values. No one who undergoes one of these encounters can avoid becoming aware of these teachings, because they are shown to be self-evident and it is impossible not to be affected by them. You see, you remember, and you change your life accordingly. Nothing compels like a Life Review…” Dr. Ken Ring, Author of Lessons from the Light

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