Unfortunately, so many of us have endured the agony of having a pet pass away.


Our love and affection for our precious pets is often so deep that losing them can sometimes be as excruciating as losing a family member or close friend – which many of us consider our beloved pets to be. 😭

We miss their unconditional love, quirky behavior, and special companionship. 🐶😺🐢🐴🦜

As we grieve their loss, we naturally wonder if our pets go to Heaven. Sure, we have probably heard of the reassuring Rainbow Bridge, but we may question if it is really true. 🌈

It doesn’t matter whether we’re a dog lover, cat lover, or any kind of animal lover, we miss our pets and wonder if they are gone from us FURever. (Special thanks to our readers who submitted the pictures of their precious pets you see pictured!)

What Near-Death Experiencers Say About Deceased Pets

As usual, our Near-Death Experiencer friends (NDErs) provide us with comforting and heartwarming answers when it comes to whether we’ll see our deceased pets ever again.


“I remember waking up in an absolutely beautiful green field of grass. As I raised my head up from the ground to look around, I saw my deceased dog from my childhood bounding towards me. I remember exclaiming her name at the top of my lungs as I saw her bounding towards me. It was overwhelmingly wonderful. I felt completely at peace and totally happy. I was so excited to see her again, and I did not question the experience at the time. It was as if she had never died and she had always been waiting for me to wake up from my nap in the grass. The thought ‘why is my dead dog here?’ never occurred to me. The thought ‘where am I and why am I laying in this field of grass?’ never occurred to me. Everything was simply as it was supposed to be.” Michael S. 😇

Like our family and friends, our deceased pets excitedly greet us when we arrive in Heaven and are as happy to see us as we are them. Here’s another comforting experience from NDEr Lynn.

“From the light came two dogs of mine. One was a collie named Mimi who had died three years previously from an infection, and the other was a boxer named Sam who had died two years before after being hit by a car. The dogs came running and jumped on me and kissed my face with their tongues. Their tongues weren’t wet, and I felt no weight when they jumped on me. The dogs seemed to glow from a light that was inside them. I recall saying to myself, ‘Thank you, God, for letting my dogs be alive.’ I hugged my dogs as tight as I could.” Lynn 😇

No matter how our pet may have passed, whether by an accident or disease, they are whole, healed, and happy in Heaven. Cat lovers can also rejoice in that cats make it to Heaven too.

“I never in my life would have thought I would see my cat or grandfather again, especially so vividly… I was in a park and my deceased cat Amigo came running towards me and jumped into my arms. I recognized him instantly. I held him and hugged him. I was so happy to see him. I was smiling and extremely happy. He was happy to see me as well. He was rubbing his cheek against my face over and over. I kept squeezing him and feeling his fur. I was soooo happy to see him again.” Paula Y. 😇

For many people, their dogs appear and act in Heaven just like they did on earth with wagging tails and slobbering kisses.


“I saw a beautiful light and heard this amazing music that just brought me such peace. Eventually I found myself in a big yard where I’d grown up. I saw Sadie, my best childhood friend, a cute little Schnauzer. She was running toward me, wagging her tail. I’d missed her so much when she died. Yet, there she was, coming to greet me. She was licking me like crazy and I was laughing with joy.”  Alma 😇

Finally, it seems that all of our past pets will be there to greet us. It doesn’t matter if it was a childhood dog or a cat we may have had in our later years, they are all there to greet us when we arrive in Heaven.

“I then became distracted by figures to my right, which were all of my former pets, dogs and cats that had died, climbing over each other to get to me. They gave me the impression of me just getting home from a long trip, as they were so excited to see me.” Wayne 😇

Why do our pets live on past their physical death?


Like us, it seems that our pets come from God and have their own consciousness, personalities, and souls. They may not have the same level of intelligence most of us have, but still they are sentient beings who are loved by us and God. (After all, dog is God spelled backwards.) 😉

Further, we realize in Heaven that the bonds of love transcend death. Love lasts for eternity – whether it is love between two human beings or love between a human and a pet.

Interestingly, pets are one of our best teachers of unconditional love. Every time I come home, whether I’m gone for two weeks or just 30 minutes, my dog Trey joyously howls, frantically wags his tail, and excitedly greets me like I had been gone for eternity. (I’ll bet your dog does too!) Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all love each other similarly and be OVERJOYED each time we reconnected.

As excited as our dogs are to see us when we come home, GOD WILL BE EVEN MORE EXCITED to see us and our pets when we die and arrive in Heaven.

So rest assured, our pets will be there to greet us in Heaven right along with our loved ones.

For more info on what REALLY happens to our pets and human loved ones at death, check out Comforting Truths from Heaven.

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