Heaven is WAY different than earth! ????

So many of the things that Near-Death Experiencers tell us we’ll experience in Heaven seem fantastical and utterly unbelievable from our current mere mortal capabilities. It’s as if we gain spiritual super powers when we leave our limited human body. ????????‍♀️

“Please understand that for anyone who has had a near-death experience, to try to explain it, is taking on a monumental task. The world beyond this one is so very different that there are no words for many of the things I saw and experienced. All of our words are created to describe a three-dimensional physical world which exists in time and space. As I turned my attention away from my gray, lifeless body lying on the sidewalk, towards God in the spiritual realm, I found myself in a realm of reality in which there was not time, nor space, nor all the limitations which we live with in this reality.” Reinee Pasarow ????

We’ll explore three of the most common differences between the earthly realm and the heavenly realm mentioned by NDErs and I cover nine total in my new book Comforting Truths from Heaven. But in the greater reality, there may be 9,000 or even 9,000,000 or more differences we’ll discover once we get there!

1. Heaven is Much More Real and Vibrant than Earth

NDErs say our experience on the Other Side will be more real than our experience here on earth.

In this heavenly realm, our senses are heightened, our vision is enhanced to see intricate details, and we can see 360-degrees around us.

The earthly realm seems like a dense fog compared to the vibrancy and authenticity of the Other Side.

“What I experienced in Heaven was so real and so lucid and so utterly intense, it made my experience on earth seem hazy and out of focus – as if Heaven is the reality and life as we know it is just a dream.” Crystal McVea ????

“It is not possible to convey the richness of my near-death experience with words. It’s a bit like trying to depict a magnificent sunset by drawing it in the sand with a stick. I knew it had not been any sort of dream. In fact, it was far more real than normal waking consciousness. This aspect is so hard to explain. I was left with the certainty that a much greater reality exists beyond this one. I had seen it, been in it. What had happened to me was real, I mean really real, as if normal life is just an illusion in which we are immersed for our time here. Since the advent of virtual reality, I have found that is a good way to think of this existence. This reality is a wondrous, awesome creation, and it has purpose, but an immensely greater reality exists.” Brian T. ????

2. Instantaneous Telepathic Communication

Amazingly, NDErs say we don’t need to use our mouths to talk in Heaven.

Instead, we can telepathically communicate with our loved ones, the angels, and God. In essence, we can simply think it and they completely understand it.

Further, the communication happens instantaneously and at the speed of thought. We’re somehow able to communicate whole chunks of information with no misunderstanding simply by transferring our thought stream to others.

“I found myself face-to-face with an old friend. His name was Dan McCampbell, but I had never expected to see him again. After all, he had been killed in Vietnam… Dan appeared to be young and very healthy, but his body was lighter, more ethereal than a human body. He appeared to be wearing combat fatigues that he would’ve worn in Vietnam. As Dan and I communicated, I realized that we did not speak to each other as we had communicated in our earthly lives. As soon as I thought, ‘Dan, I recognize you’ it was communicated to him. We were communicating telepathically, which connotes a communication of words between minds by means other than vocal communication, but such a description falls short of the spiritual communication we were experiencing. We were not only communicating with words; we were communicating with feelings and emotions. As we thought, we also emoted our thoughts. Both thoughts and emotions were being communicated telepathically and spiritually in a manner that far surpassed normal communication.” Ned Dougherty ????

“Words are no longer used. The language is, I would say telepathic. I remember very vividly that the thoughts of the other entities – including the thoughts of the Light – went straight into my mind. This wordless communication was instantaneous. Any questions I had about anything were instantly answered. Furthermore, I was able to completely understand the reply just as fast… In our earthly world, when someone says something to you, you’re faced with multiple ways to interpret what has been said, depending on the circumstances, the tone that was used, the mood of the person or your own, and so on. You ask yourself questions such as: ‘What did he mean by that? Is she joking? Was he serious?’ In that world, such questions are not possible. The clarity of everything is beyond all that we know here. Misinterpretation doesn’t exist.” Marion Rome ????

3. Access to Universal Knowledge

If you think the first two new abilities are pretty cool, imagine being able to tap in to and completely comprehend all the knowledge in the universe!

NDErs tell us we are somehow able to access, download, and thoroughly understand Universal Knowledge in this heavenly realm. In essence, we can think of absolutely any question and immediately have the entire answer.

“In that other ‘dimension’ I was suddenly aware of EVERYTHING – all the connections, all the ‘whys’ and the answers to the whys of my former life. It’s as if all this life I had been in a state of half awareness, or amnesia, wandering around asking ‘Who I am? Why am I? Why is this so hard? Why? Why? Why?’ and in that other realm the picture was finally complete. I got all the answers, or I remembered all the answers.” Amphianda Baskett ????

“I KNEW EVERYTHING. I remember being in the Light and instantly knowing everything, which meant there was nothing new to know. I had no questions when I was in the Light because nothing was unknown to me. Therefore, there was nothing around which a question could be formed. The Earth word ‘why’ had no meaning in the light. There was no reason for me to ask why or to ask a question in the Light because I knew the answer to any and all questions that exist. I knew it all.” Andy Petro ????

Learn More About How Heaven is Different Than Earth ????

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