Does the thought of death unnerve, scare, or even torment you?

For many, the mystery and morbidness of death at least haunts if not completely horrifies them. I’ve talked to numerous people who are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED about death for themselves and/or their loved ones. ????

Many of us are taught that death is:

  • the absolute worst thing that could ever happen
  • agonizing and painful
  • something to be feared
  • the complete end of our existence
  • when we’ll be judged and possibly sent to hell
  • something to avoid at all costs

With these kinds of catastrophic beliefs, it’s no wonder that death is one of the biggest and most debilitating fears for the vast majority of people.

However, millions of Near-Death Experiencers (NDErs), people who have actually died and lived to tell about it, shine a whole new light on death. They see the Light at the end of the tunnel during death – both literally and figuratively. They come back from their death-defying NDE and assure us that most of us have death all wrong.

Surprisingly, many Near-Death Experiencers actually can’t wait to die again – when it is their time.



7 Shocking Truths About Death Discovered by Near-Death Experiencers



1. Death is easy, simple, and natural.

NDErs say death is a remarkably easy and seamless transition – there is no difficult, agonizing, or arduous process we go through to actually die. They say death is a natural, simple, and quick process and is as easy as passing from one room to another or shifting our focus from one object to another.

“The best way I can describe the transition from being ‘alive’ on the physical plane and the passage to the Other Side is like passing from one ‘room’ to another. You do not cease to be or lose consciousness; your consciousness simply shifts from one vantage point to another.” Juliet Nightingale (NDEr)


2. Death itself is beautiful and peaceful.

While some of our loved ones may suffer physically and/or mentally toward the end of their physical life, NDErs say death itself is the most peaceful and beautiful experience they have ever had. They tell us we will feel a comforting sense of peace, unbridled joy, and unconditional love when we actually transition from physical life to death.

“I am no longer the least bit afraid to die. I know that I would not want to suffer, but I know that the actual dying process is nothing like I thought it would be, and that it was probably the most beautiful and peaceful experience I have ever had.” Craig (NDEr)


3. Death is a continuation of life – not an ending of our existence.

From our veiled and limited human perspective, death obviously feels like a devastating ending because we will never see our loved one physically alive again. However, from the “deceased” person’s expanded and enhanced perspective, they quickly discover that death is simply a continuation of life or even a re-birth into a different realm. NDErs assure us no one ever dies spiritually. Yes, our body ceases to function but our soul, our essence, never dies and continues on in Heaven where they say we feel more alive than ever.

“This huge spirit comes… I asked her, ‘Am I dead?’ And she said, ‘Oh no, no. You’re not dead. There is no death. You’re either alive in your body, or you’re out of your body and you’re super alive on the spirit side.’” Penny Wittbrodt (NDEr)


4. Death is a joyous Homecoming.

“Home” is one of the most frequent words used by NDErs in describing Heaven, the Other Side, the Afterlife, Paradise, or whatever you prefer to call it. They are often told by God and the guardian angels that Heaven is our true home and we just visit earth for a short time. NDErs say coming to earth is like going away to boarding school or summer camp but getting to return to Heaven is like coming home again where we belong, feel most comfortable, and are joyously welcomed with open arms.

“The place where I went wasn’t here, wasn’t this universe… I’ve never found adequate words for what to call it, except for ‘HOME.’ I just knew it was HOME, my real HOME… To express what HOME was like has been impossible for me to do. Everything HOME is connected. It is all One… While I was HOME, I was more alive and at peace than I have ever been here.” Carl D. (NDEr)


5. Death is a Judgment-Free Zone.

So many of us have been taught to fear an ominous Judgment Day where we must face our many mistakes and sins and be punished for them. All of our misdeeds will be calculated and potentially used to sentence us to hell for eternity. However, NDErs overwhelmingly and adamantly refute this belief by saying they were neither judged nor punished by anyone in Heaven. Instead, they evaluated their life in terms of how well they lived and loved through the help of a comprehensive Life Review.

“I was delivered into the hands of God, and I remember waiting and thinking, I haven’t been judged yet. I was imperfect! Shouldn’t God judge me? Isn’t that what I deserve? On earth, I had been judged by people for making mistakes, not being skinny enough or not wearing the right clothes, just being different from everyone else. I waited to be judged by God. I was sure it was coming. But as I waited to be judged the most unexpected thing happened. God, once again, began to fill me with unconditional love. As love flowed through me, it washed away any thoughts and feelings of judgment and disappointment. I never felt judged but I should have been judged. Yet He did not judge me. He loved me!” Erica McKenzie, RN (NDEr)


6. Death is a joyous reunion with our “deceased” loved ones.

Perhaps most comforting to so many who fear death and grieve the loss of their loved ones, NDErs tell us death is also a joyous reunion with our “deceased” loved ones. When we die we will get to reunite with our friends, family members, and even beloved pets in Heaven who have passed before us.

“When you die you are greeted by loved ones first so that you may understand what has happened. There is a big celebration, like a birthday party, heralding your arrival. Family and friends who have gone on before you are there to celebrate your arrival.” Betty Bethards (NDEr)


7. Death is something to look forward to – when it is our time.

Finally, because of their surprising, positive, pleasant, and unforgettable experience with death, NDErs actually look forward to dying when it is their time. They have absolutely no fear of it whatsoever because they’ve been there. They experienced the homecoming of Heaven, the beautiful bliss of the Other Side, and the unconditional love of the Divine and eagerly look forward to going back.

But, NDErs also know and remind us that we are all here for a reason, and we should not do anything to hasten our arrival in Heaven. We all have important purposes to complete during our earthly journey that we must find and fulfill before we are called Home. Remember, despite the allure of Heaven, you too are here now on earth for an essential reason and God will call you home when your work here is done. As author Richard Bach aptly says, “Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.” We all have someone and/or something to positively impact with our talents, gifts, love, and service before we go back Home. (If you are thinking about dying before your time, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. You are needed here!)

“I was told, ‘It’s not your time and you must go back.’ And I threw a spiritual temper tantrum. I said, ‘No, I’m not going back. You’ve got this all wrong.‘ And then once again, I was told, ‘You must go back. It’s not your time. But you can come back any time you want once you’ve fulfilled your purpose.’” Raymond Kinman (NDEr)

With so many of us having fears about death or at least misgivings, my hope is that these seven truths directly from the millions of NDErs who have been there provide you with a sense of peace, perspective, and hope.

Teaching Kids These Comforting Truths About Death

Since most of us spend decades of our life stressing out about or fully fearing death, why not help kids learn these comforting perspectives about death earlier?

I’ve written a new children’s book called What You’ll Learn in Heaven to help kids better understand what happens to our family, friends, and pets when they die based on my research of over 3,500 near-death experiences. If you know of a child who is struggling with the death of a loved one, fearing their own death, or the death of a loved one, this new book provides them with tremendous hope and healing. You can learn more here about What You’ll Learn in Heaven.

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