What makes Near Death Experiencers (NDErs) such valuable and credible sources of knowledge about spiritual values and principles? Here are three primary reasons:

1. NDErs have been to Heaven and experienced the Afterlife first-hand.

Think of it this way: If you wanted to learn more about Dubai but you’ve never been there before, who would you ask to learn more about it?

Obviously, you wouldn’t ask someone who has never been to Dubai or knew anyone who had because they would have no idea what the place is all about. Rather, you would seek out someone who had been there, seen the sights, heard the sounds, walked the streets, interacted with the people, and experienced it all first-hand.

Similarly with heaven, why not ask the people who have actually been to the Other Side to learn more about it? NDErs have directly experienced heaven and come back to tell about. They have seen, heard, and felt first-hand that life somehow goes on after our physical body shuts down. Consciousness indeed does continue after our heart stops and brain ceases to function. NDErs’ dazzling descriptions of their visits to heaven are exactly why it is often referred to as paradise.

“Here was an endless vista of grass rolling away into shining, radiant hills. We have never seen green in our world like the deep, shimmering green of the grass that grew there. Every blade was crisp, strong, and charged with light. Every blade was unique and perfect and seemed to welcome me into this miraculous place. And the whole garden was singing. The flowers, grass, trees, and other plants filled this place with glorious tones and rhythms and melodies; yet I didn’t hear the music itself. I could feel it somehow on a level beyond my hearing… I said to myself, ‘Everything here seems to be singing,’ which was woefully inadequate to describe what I felt. We simply don’t have language that adequately communicates the beauty of that world.” RaNelle Wallace

“Flower-filled grassy meadows spread out on the hills around me and huge deciduous trees in full leaf, trees larger and more grand than any here on Earth, surrounded the meadows… That was the visual. But there is more to Heaven than what we can see with our eyes. Below the surface visuals was a well of feeling fueled by love, peace, and an abiding Presence that I will call Spirit or God… The Beauty I felt really does deserve a capital “B”. It wasn’t just pleasing to the eye, there was something deeper to it, more harmonious, more blessed, more powerful. Everything felt tied together by love and peace, and the beauty of the scenes around me were the product of this unconditional love. While the beauty of Heaven took my breath away, the sense of love completely ensnared me and made me want to stay there forever… Each soul might see the ‘landscape’ differently, but all sensed and ‘saw’ the love that formed the basis for everything in the same way.” Nancy Rynes

2. NDErs have heard directly from the Source (God).

Many NDErs have the opportunity to communicate directly with God during their visits to heaven. As world-renowned psychologist Carl Jung, himself a near-death experiencer, once said, “I don’t believe there is a God. I KNOW there is a God.” NDErs come back not just believing God exists but knowing God exists because they have actually experienced His presence and amazing love.

“The real value of the experience is in the fact that I encountered God… As for faith, it is no longer a matter of believing in or having faith in the existence of God and heaven. I know both God and heaven exist because I have been there and have seen the light of God’s presence.” John Wintek

“With the eyes of my soul body, I looked to see what held me in such love and I beheld a radiant, Spirit being, so magnificent and full of love that I knew I would never again feel the sense of loss. I have no way of explaining how, but I knew the Spirit was Christ. It was not a belief, perception or understanding, but my recognition of Christ came from my new perspective of spirit…The radiant Spirit was Christ, the manifestation and expression of pure love. Because of my Christian education, I knew no other name to call what I felt as I looked at him. Others might have called him Buddha, or Yahweh, or Great Spirit in the Sky, but the naming did not matter, only the recognition of absolute love and truth was important. Safe in the gentle yet powerful embrace of his love, I rested, secure that everything was okay, exactly as it was supposed to be.” Linda Stewart

“All I could see was Light. Within the Light there was an intelligence… If I were Christian, I would call the Light ‘Jesus’. If I were a Buddhist, I would call the Light ‘Buddha’. If I were a Hindu, it would be ‘Krishna’. Whatever – the Light becomes what we believe, what we associate with, and that’s immaterial. It doesn’t make any difference what we call the Light – because it’s love.” Roland Webb

3. NDErs come back totally transformed!

Finally, we can learn from NDErs because after their visits to heaven they come back totally transformed and spiritually awakened people. This is not just a small, cosmetic, temporary change like getting a haircut. This is a significant, deep, and lasting change that alters a person’s entire operating system and rewires them personally, socially, and spiritually. After experiencing the immense love, peace, joy, compassion, and bliss from the Other Side, NDErs want to emulate God’s unconditional and universal love they experienced in heaven and implement it into their own lives as best they can and share it with others.

“These experiences are transformative. The people who have these experiences are never the same again. They are totally transformed!” Dr. Raymond Moody

“Before my NDE, my life was totally different… I despised myself when I was younger. I grew up very different from everyone else around me. I was a very introverted child who had almost no friends. Getting picked on and teased was a daily occurrence that drove my self-esteem to the point where it didn’t exist… I was one of the most antisocial people that ever existed… I instantly changed from a pessimist to an optimist. There always seemed to be a brighter side to everything. I knew that everything happened for a reason… I felt like I now had a purpose, which was to help people and share my positive perspective… In doing this, other people around me began to accept me for who I was. I do not fear things anymore… I feel that my NDE was the best thing that ever happened to me.” Neev

“Every belief, every value and every goal had to be re-evaluated after my luminous journey. The near-death experience was for me a great liberation – a rebirth – and its effects still can be felt in my daily life. Most of all, as a result of the experience, never again could I fear death. Never again could I look upon life as being anything less than a divine gift that transcends the limits of this physical realm.” Reinee Pasarow

In fact, because of the inspiring insights they gained in heaven, it is this kind of profound, powerful, and permanent transformation of being more loving, compassionate, caring, and confident that NDErs can be a valuable guide for all of us in living a more positive and productive life.


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