You may have heard of Near-Death Experiences but might not be sure about what actually happens to a person when they occur. 

Like our fingerprints, all near-death experiences are unique to the individual. However, with thousands of near-death experiences being documented and studied since Dr. Raymond Moody’s seminal book Life After Life back in 1975, there are certain characteristics that tend to be similar across the experience regardless of a person’s race, religion, gender, etc.

Near-Death Experiencers typically experience these common elements: 

  • dying a physical death or coming very close to death
  • experience their spirit or soul painlessly leaving their body
  • floating above the scene
  • feeling a strong sense of peace and unconditional love
  • entering and moving along a tunnel
  • seeing a bright, warm, irresistible, loving Light (God)
  • entering into a beautiful heavenly realm that is vibrantly alive
  • seeing and communicating with deceased friends and family members and/or religious figures
  • having a panoramic review of the events of their life
  • coming to a barrier or border they are not able to cross
  • either choosing to go back or being sent back to earth because it is “not their time”
  • returning, often reluctantly, back to their physical bodies transformed people

These are the classic, general characteristics of an NDE but again, each one is unique to the individual. NDErs come back not just believing there is an Afterlife and an unconditionally loving God – but KNOWING there is an awe-inspiring greater reality beyond the one we see here.

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