Looking for some inspiring and enlightening books on Near-Death Experiences? Having read over 100 of them, I often get asked for recommendations. Here is a list of some of my all-time favorites:


NDE Accounts

Awakenings from the Light – Nancy Rynes

Dying to Be Me – Anita Moorjani

What If This is Heaven? – Anita Moorjani

Proof of Heaven – Eben Alexander

The Map of Heaven – Eben Alexander, MD

Living in a Mindful Universe – Eben Alexander, MD

To Heaven and Back – Mary Neal, MD

7 Lessons from Heaven – Mary Neal, MD

Dying to Wake Up – Rajiv Parti, MD

Dying to Fit In – Erica McKenzie, RN

Voyage of Purpose – David Bennett

Secrets of the Light – Dannion Brinkley

Saved by the Light – Dannion Brinkley

At Peace in the Light – Dannion Brinkley

Beyond Sight – Marion Rome

Through the Light – Marion Rome

My Descent into Death – Howard Storm

The Burning Within – RaNelle Wallace

Joyce Brown – God’s Heavenly Answers

I Knew Their Hearts – Jeff Olsen

Beyond Mile Marker 80 – Jeff Olsen

Fast Lane to Heaven – Ned Dougherty

Embraced by the Light – Betty Eadie

Hear His Voice – Nancy Clark

Divine Moments – Nancy Clark

While I Was Out – Deirdre DeWitt-Maltby

Application of Impossible Things – Natalie Sudman

Heaven is Beautiful – Peter Panagore


Researchers on NDEs

Lessons from the Light – Ken Ring

Heading Toward Omega – Ken Ring

Life After Life – Raymond Moody

Evidence of the Afterlife – Jeffrey Long

God and the Afterlife – Jeffrey Long

The Transformative Power of Near Death Experiences – Penny Sartori and Kelly Walsh

The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences – Penny Sartori

Life After Near Death – Debra Diamond

Love the Person You’re With – David Sunfellow

Revelations of Profound Love – Ann Ellis

The Big Book of Near Death Experiences – PMH Atwater

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