Many NDErs talk about seeing and interacting with spiritual guides or guardian angels during their time on the Other Side. They discover these heavenly Beings of Light are with us throughout our lifetime and, like God, love us unconditionally.

“I noticed two of the most intelligent beings I had ever seen. They were very large, approximately eight or nine feet, androgynous, with long shoulder-length hair and composed more of light than solid form. I call them angels only because I have no other term for them… The angels were trustworthy and there to help and comfort me, so I did not question their authority. They sent waves of light which transferred messages to me in the form of completed thoughts and feelings, not individual words.” Tricia Barker, Author of Angels in the OR

“I became conscious of two ‘Beings,’ illuminated by the most stunning backdrop of fluid light… They greeted me with a love and joy so pure; it was as if I could feel myself melt right into them… The stories of Divine Beings who lovingly watch over us were true! These were my guides, my spiritual watchdogs. They really did exist! They were there to assist me in my transition from incarnation on the physical to life on the spiritual plane.” Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, Author of Promised by Heaven

“My guardian angel, she was holding my hand, rubbing my arm while I was dying, telling me, ‘It’s going to be OK, baby. It’s going to be OK.’ That was the most beautiful human being or entity I have ever seen or witnessed in my entire life. That woman was absolutely flawless. Gorgeous. The most beautiful color skin and hair and eyes. And her touch was so soft and gentle, just soothing. And you just knew who she was; that she’s always been there. She’s still here. And you’ve got one too! She’s standing right beside you, holding your hand. And it’s going to be OK.” Cecil Willy

The next time you are feeling alone, afraid, or depressed, know that you have a guardian angel who loves you unconditionally, will always be by your side, and wants what is best for you.

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