Have you ever had a trip from hell and wished you could just be home?

A trip where seemingly everything went wrong: the place you stayed was a dump in a sketchy neighborhood, the air conditioning didn’t work, the bed was super uncomfortable, the food made you sick, your delayed flight home took hours longer than it should have, you had horrible turbulence, a colicky baby crying next to you, and a bratty toddler (with clueless parents) behind you incessantly kicking your seat? UGH!!! ✈️????

What did it feel like to finally come home after this interminably long trip, plop down on your own bed, kick off your shoes, and get some much-needed peace and quiet by sleeping in your own comfy bed? ????

Fortunately, “HOME” is the most frequently used word NDErs use to describe Heaven, the Other Side, or the Afterlife. They consistently say we get to go back HOME after a long and sometimes grueling human journey – not unlike the above trip from hell. ????

“Everything was so well known, so familiar, and so self-evident. Nearly as if I had been away on a long, long journey in a foreign country, and after a time I finally had come back again! I was HOME where everything was so familiar and safe. I felt the exuberant joy of returning HOME.” John S. ????

“Upon arrival to this place, it had an unmistakable familiarity. It was HOME. In fact, it was all of our HOMES. In fact, it was the place from where we all had originated. Much like here on earth, when you come home from work at night, you cross the threshold of the doorway, you know you’re home. You don’t need to say it out loud. You just know. That is how I know. I had been to this place before. It was comfortable. It was glorious.” Dr. Jean Hausheer ????

“The place where I went wasn’t here, wasn’t this universe . . . I’ve never found adequate words for what to call it, except for ‘HOME.’ I just knew it was HOME, my real HOME. When I did return back to here, I felt totally out of place. This wasn’t where I belonged anymore—it was only where I’m meant to be, just for a time. To express what HOME was like has been impossible for me to do. Everything HOME is connected. It is all One. It’s Light. Peace. It is all at peace . . . While I was HOME, I was more alive and at peace than I have ever been here.” Carl D. ????

Knowing that NDErs experience the peace, love, comfort, connectedness, safety, and belonging of being HOME should comfort all of us – especially those of us who grieve the loss of loved ones.

Millions of NDErs tell us dying in this human life is actually a celebrated and appreciated HOMEcoming in Heaven – not something to be feared or fought against.

Their reassurance that Heaven is our real HOME puts a totally different spin on physical death when we know our loved ones are now enjoying all the comforts, tranquility, familiarity, and acceptance of HOME – and we too will eventually get to experience it when it is our time.

OF COURSE WE MISS THEM – but we also need to remember they are basking in the bliss of being HOME SWEET HOME – so we have no need to worry about their safety or well-being.

“I felt love, certainty, euphoric, amazement, and a sense that I was HOME. I felt a peace that was like no other. You KNOW you are HOME there and you KNOW everything is as it should be. I knew that I was HOME and that Earth is NOT our home! When I was there I knew I was HOME.” Charles T. ????

“I was in total bliss and happiness. I was HOME. I didn’t want to go back… I didn’t want to go back because I was surrounded by love and the light was God. I felt such incredible love.” Melinda ????



Interestingly, most NDErs admit that because their visit HOME was so blissful and beautiful they didn’t want to come back from there.

Despite in many cases having loving families to go back to in their earthly lives, NDErs sheepishly state they wanted to stay HOME in Heaven as they were assured their loved ones would be okay in the grand scheme of things and be joining them shortly.

“I had a great life. I had a great job. I had a husband that not only loved me dearly but that I loved dearly. And I had four young children that I couldn’t ever imagine loving more than anything on earth. I had a great life and I had every reason to come back. But I had no intention of coming back.” Dr. Mary Neal ????

“I was just hoping I would not have to go back into that body. I was finally pain-free and furthermore, I had gained absolute knowledge about everything, absolutely everything about life, which was pretty amazing. Really, if this was death, I wanted to be dead forever.” Marion Rome ????

Many NDErs Experience HOMEsickness

In fact, HOME is so sweet that many NDErs experience a prolonged and pervasive HOMEsickness and a deep longing to go back HOME upon returning to earth. ????

“I called the place I had experienced ‘HOME’ and was homesick for the next twenty years… When it was time to be taken home after a lengthy recovery, I recall my mother driving us to our house and feeling sad that this house was not my real HOME.” Colleen J. ????

“I felt like I was going HOME, returning after a long journey. When I came back to ‘earth’ I felt homesick and didn’t belong here after all.” Sophie K. ????

“Initially, I was depressed and angry for having to return to my body. I looked out at the world, it wasn’t as loving or beautiful as what I had witnessed there, and I felt homesick for many years.” Nichole BD ????

“I’ve had this homesick feeling ever since this experience. I am very happy to be with my wife again, but felt a kind of depression for still being on earth these days.” Bart R. ????

Human Life is a Gift

Despite pining for HOME after experiencing the bliss and beauty of the Other Side, eventually many NDErs also realize and remind us that human life is a special gift and opportunity we need to appreciate and focus on as well. ????

“The whole year after my accident was probably one of the hardest years of my life, and I often wondered why I was stupid enough to stay here and not leave when I had the chance. I kept yelling at myself, ‘What the heck were you thinking!?’ Now, looking back at what I learned and how blessed I am today, I am so glad I stayed. When I see the rays of sun stream through the clouds sometimes, I get really homesick. To me, God is The Light. That is Him reminding me to remember how much He loves me, and I am never alone. And one day, I’ll get to go back to Him. Until then, I plan on having a good time. I look at every obstacle as an adventure now, and I’m always looking for the lesson. It’s a wonderful game. Life is so much easier this way.” Mary W. ????

“Our lives are huge gifts to be enjoyed, savored, and lived completely . . . Please don’t waste this chance to savor your amazing life and all its nuances. . . We don’t need to wait for heaven to experience love and beauty. We can create our own slice of heaven in our lives right now, and in doing so, we can bring a little of it into the lives of others too.” Nancy Rynes ????

So while HOME is where we all will return to when our purposes are fulfilled and our lessons here are finished, it is important to make the most of our experience on earth rather than simply wishing to go HOME before our time. The point and challenge of our earthly experience is to bring the amazing unconditional love, acceptance, joy, and peace of our heavenly HOME into our own earthly homes, workplaces, schools, churches, etc. Our time here is the opportunity for us to demonstrate unconditional love with others and bring a bit of Heaven down to earth – not just waste away our valuable earthly days wishing we were HOME.

No Going HOME Until Our Work is Complete

While at times our life may seem like a trip from hell and we too long to go HOME, it is important to remember that NDErs tell us we all have an essential purpose for our time here on earth.

“I sometimes feel homesick for the Other Side, but I know I have to wait for my ‘time’. But never consider suicide – it’s like dropping out of school; and you will still have to deal with problems there. If you hang in, you will find love and happiness when we all join up again.” Nancy P. ????

“They promised that when I’m done, or when I’ve done all I can do, then I could go HOME again.” Carl D. ????

“When we learn our lessons and finish the job we came here to do, we get to graduate and go back HOME.” Mary Beth Willi ????

Finally, those on the Other Side actually call Heaven HOME too and tell NDErs they are most welcome to return HOME when their important work on earth is finished and their purpose is fulfilled. ????

“The Being told me I was HOME but that I needed to go back because He had some work for me to do.” Karen B. ????

“I was told that it wasn’t my time, that I’d been granted a visit ‘back HOME’, but that I had to fulfill my purpose and do the work I myself had chosen to do on earth.” Lisa Meyler ????

Instead of dreaming of going HOME, put your focus on bringing the love of HOME into your earthly experience by sharing your gifts, fulfilling your purpose, and learning your valuable life lessons. Rest assured, we’ll all be going back HOME again with our loved ones when our work here is done. ????

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