If you thought final exams in school were stressful, imagine having to answer directly to God at the end of your life! Talk about pressure! Wouldn’t you love to somehow know exactly what the questions were ahead of time so you could prepare accordingly and be ready for your toughest test?

Because Earth is a school, we are evaluated on how much we have truly learned from all of our life’s coursework and experiences. At the end of our human life, we all take Life’s Final Exam, with God asking the probing and penetrating questions and the angels proctoring the test. During this comprehensive Final Exam covering absolutely every facet of our existence, we examine our entire life and all the lessons we learned through what many call a Life Review, which we will discuss in great detail in the Choose Compassionately chapter. Do you wonder what God’s questions will be on the most important FINAL EXAM you will ever take? Our NDE friends reveal the exact questions they were asked – the same ones each of us will eventually be asked when we too take God’s Final Exam.

“What have you done for your fellow man? Had I given as much love as I had taken? Did I practice random acts of kindness? Was I responsible for making people feel good just for the sake of feeling good? These are the things on which I reflected.” Dannion Brinkley

“What have I done with my life? Where was my life going? What had I done to show love of God, love of my neighbor, love of myself? What had I done to be of service to mankind? These were the important questions I would have to consider.” Ned Dougherty

“A great question then emanated from Him to me so strongly it completely penetrated my being. ‘In life, what did you do with what you had?’ Rapidly the question engulfed me, commanding an answer. I began answering defensively with reasons and excuses, as I had in life when I felt I was being called to task for failure to reach a goal. I believed my excuses were good reasons to explain why I hadn’t accomplished more: my difficult childhood, others getting in my way, my poor health, a broken home, my continual strife with my mother, lack of opportunities, and my growing family of children who held me back… I was stopped short in my thinking as I felt all my excuses melting in this Light of Truth. I felt the thoughts and words coming from this Being of Love and Light. ‘The question has nothing to do with what you did not have in life or with your burdens or faults or problems. But rather, in life what did you do with what you did have?’ I could not rely on or blame anyone else; this question was directed solely at me. I was being measured against no one else – I stood alone, on my own. What did I do with my life, with what I had, my opportunities, my time on earth? What had I done with what I did have?” Dr. Joyce Brown

“The most important criterion for judging my life review was this: How well had I used my life to love myself and others? Was I a Light bearer, or a Light extinguisher?” Nancy Clark

Notice a common theme here? God’s Final Exam questions have nothing to do with the amount of money in our bank account, the size of our house, or how many awards we might have won.

NDErs tell us the value and significance of our time on earth all comes down to one thing: how well we have loved. Ultimately, God wants and challenges us to be love, give love, and receive love in everything we do.

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