For many people, death is one of their biggest fears. Because it is so scary to them, death often becomes a taboo subject they don’t like to think about much less talk about. However, as they say, the only certain things in life are death and taxes – so we all know some day our time on earth will come to an end.

Fortunately, Near-Death Experiencers tell us one of the big takeaways from dying a physical death and visiting the Afterlife is that there is absolutely no need to fear death. They say death itself is beautiful, an easy transition, and one they actually look forward to because they get to go back to heaven and what they call their true “home” when it is their time. So NDErs assure us there is nothing to fear about death or the Afterlife.

How Near-Death Experiencers Describe Death

“I want to assure you, and all of us who have been out and back want to assure you, that the precise moment is nothing but pure bliss, pure release, pure joy, pure love, pure light. And if you can stand it, none of all these words together is enough to describe it.” Lewis Brown Griggs

“The best way I can describe the transition from being ‘alive’ on the physical plane and the passage to the Other Side is like passing from one ‘room’ to another. You do not cease to be or lose consciousness; your consciousness simply shifts from one vantage point to another. The experience changes; your outlook changes; your feelings change. And the feelings I experienced were profound; for me, it most certainly became that peace that surpasses all understanding.” Juliet Nightingale

“I am no longer the least bit afraid to die. I know that I would not want to suffer, but I know that the actual dying process is nothing like I thought it would be, and that it was probably the most beautiful and peaceful experience I have ever had.” Craig

“If I lived a billion years more, in my body or yours, there’s not a single experience on Earth that could ever be as good as being dead. Nothing.” Dr. Dianne Morrissey

“I was just hoping I would not have to go back into that body. I was finally pain-free and furthermore, I had gained absolute knowledge about everything, absolutely everything about life, which was pretty amazing. Really, if this was death, I wanted to be dead forever.” Marion Rome

“Although I had had a very happy life, coming back to life was as attractive to me as for a human to become a roach. I had gone through a metamorphosis and now I could not go back.” Daniela

As you can see by these quotes from people who actually experienced death, there is absolutely nothing to fear. In fact, they actually look forward to dying when it is their time.

Ironically, when they are informed they need to return to earth, the vast majority of NDErs actually beg, plead, and throw toddler-like temper tantrums with God and the angels to stay “dead” in heaven because they realize what a glorious realm it truly is and they feel more alive than they ever have before.

Suicide is NOT the Answer
We can see by these quotes why death is no longer feared by NDErs, and shouldn’t be by any of us either. Please understand that no NDEr advocates suicide or killing another person so they can get to heaven. While they are excited and eager to go back to heaven when it is their time, they know each of us has an important mission and purpose to accomplish here on earth before heading to heaven as we will see in our upcoming Work Purposely chapter.

“One thing I can tell you is that suicide won’t work. If you’re thinking about that, you can just scratch that one off the list. Because it’s not going to do what you think it’s going to do. That was one of the things that I was shown is that there is no short way around.” Raymond Kinman

“You can’t take your own life. Suicide isn’t the answer. That won’t do it. You have to go back and live your life’s purpose.” Laurelynn Martin

“Most people say, ‘If the near-death experience was so wonderful and you can’t wait to get back, then why doesn’t everyone commit suicide?’ Well, we come back with another message that, ‘If you’re not finished with what you were here to do, and until you get finished, you don’t get to stay over there.’” Alan Hugenot

While NDErs are no longer afraid of death and encourage us not to be either, they tell us that suicide is not the answer as we are all here for a purpose.


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