Imagine somehow receiving a special VIP Pass to Visit Heaven…

Would you take it?

This special pass would allow you to visit heaven for a short time and come back to your earthly life. On your visit you would get the amazing opportunity to see and interact with your friends and family members who have passed away. You would get to feel their love once again and see they are blissfully happy, 100% healthy, and beaming with joy. You would also get your own personalized, grand tour of the awe-inspiring beauty of heaven conducted by an angelic guide who knows you even better than you know yourself. Best of all, you would get to see and talk with God Almighty, learn the many secrets of the universe and what life on earth is really all about, straight from the Source and Creator of All Things! And finally, you would receive several soul-satisfying answers to Life’s BIG Questions like:

· What is the meaning of life?
· Why am I here?
· What is my purpose?
· Where will I go when I die?

Sounds heavenly doesn’t it? Would you take this special opportunity if given the chance?

Most people would absolutely love to visit heaven, see their deceased friends and relatives, take the grand tour, and chat with God Almighty. And many actually have…

In fact, millions already have – they are called Near-Death Experiencers, or people who have died a clinical death, visited heaven, and then were revived and brought back to earth for another chance at human life. Though they had to virtually die to get there (the disclaimer is listed in very small print on the back of the pass), the privileged perk they received through their near-death experience was a visit to heaven – or what various cultures call the Afterlife, Nirvana, Paradise, the Promised Land, the Happy Hunting Ground, or the Other Side.

Wondering what their otherworldly visit was like and what amazing insights they learned while they were there?

16-19 Million Near-Death Experiencers

According to Gallup polls, approximately 16-19 million people in the United States have had a near-death experience, or roughly 5-6% of the population. As a comparison, the number of people who have had a near-death experience across the U.S. is the same number as the entire population of the state of New York, the country’s fourth largest state. This high number of people obviously means that you very likely know at least a few people in your own circle of friends and acquaintances who have had a near-death experience, whether or not they have told you about it. (Keep in mind the number is based on the reported near-death experience accounts and is likely significantly higher because many go unreported.) With the advances in medical resuscitation, approximately 750 near-death experiences, or NDEs as we will call them, occur every single day according to the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), or over a quarter of a million people each year, just in the United States alone, which is a mere 4.4% of the world’s population. So these “miraculous” experiences are becoming increasingly more common and accepted than many people might think.

Dying Provides Tremendous Insights for Living

By getting a glimpse of heaven and interacting with deceased relatives, heavenly guides, and even God Him/Herself, NDErs gain tremendous knowledge through their “death” of what it means to truly live – and many of their revelations from the Other Side will likely surprise you. Through their temporary physical death, they get a special pass to visit heaven, and an exceptional, behind-the-veil glimpse that many of us would love to hear about and learn from as evidenced by the many books written by NDErs on the New York Times Bestseller List. As you might imagine, they come back spiritually transformed people with sacred and profound insights that can help all of us understand how to truly live a life of success and significance from a spiritual standpoint.

The 10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven book reveals the miraculous stories of NDErs’ harrowing yet heavenly experiences, the life-changing lessons they learned while on the Other Side, and shows us all how to incorporate these powerful principles into our own lives, without having to nearly die to get them. Based on the knowledge gained from studying over 2,500 NDEs, this book highlights the inspiring and informative insights of over 130 NDErs and weaves them all into a practical guide for living and loving that those 95% of us who haven’t had NDEs can benefit from in our daily lives.

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