Check out this must-see NDE from nurse Deborah King!

Having analyzed thousands of NDEs over the past decade, this one instantly vaulted to one of my all-time favorites because of her verifiable proof, depth of insights, and comforting messages.


Deborah provides amazing insights and tremendous comfort by sharing her otherworldly experience. I’ll discuss three of my biggest takeaways from Deborah’s NDE and show how they align with and reinforce other NDEs and spiritual writings.


1. We’re Never Separate from Our Loved Ones

Deborah says: “I just was so overjoyed to see my father. I just really cannot even put it into words. I was like, ‘Dad! Oh my God, it’s you!’ He was like, ‘Well of course it’s me. Where else would I be? Don’t be silly. We can never really be separated. We never really were separated. I left my body and I died but I never really left you. I’ve been with you this whole time and I’m with you now. And once you go back I will be with you. I’ll never leave you. You can never really leave this place – it’s a part of you. Don’t be afraid to go back and do this work because you’re never going to be alone. We will always be with you and I will always be with you. In truth, this place and these the souls and the Divine has always been with you.’”

For those missing loved ones who have died, the message that we are never separate from them is likely one of the most comforting of Deborah’s NDE.

First, she reunites with her father in Heaven, someone with whom she says she had a very close relationship with on earth. It’s yet another example that the soul of our loved ones lives on and we get to reunite with them again.

NDEr Karen Thomas reinforces that we see our loved ones again when she says, “On the opposite bank of this river was my father, who had died when I was seven, and my brother, who had been killed in a car accident when I was 23, and various aunts and uncles who had passed away… It was this huge welcoming, homecoming, and family reunion feeling.”

Deborah’s father acts surprised that she even questions his still being alive and his whereabouts by saying, “Of course it’s me, where else would I be?” like his going to Heaven seems self-evident and silly for her to even doubt.

Similarly, Penny Wittbrodt said in her NDE, “This huge spirit comes… I asked her, ‘Am I dead?’ And she said, ‘Oh no, no. You’re not dead. There is no death. You’re either alive in your body, or you’re out of your body and you’re super alive on the spirit side.’”

It’s another reminder from millions of NDErs like Penny that no one ever dies. Remember, we’re either alive in our body or SUPER ALIVE when we are out of our body. There is no death of our soul, our spiritual essence.

Finally, Deborah’s father assures her that we can NEVER be separated from our loved ones. It may seem our loved ones leave us when they die, and of course they do physically. But spiritually, they are ALWAYS with us. He tells Deborah that he and the Divine are always with her – and we too can be assured that our loved ones and the Divine are always with us.

NDEr Crystal McVea similarly says of God, “He showed me a vision of my four children. He showed me several things: one that He was with them, that God never leaves us, that He had a plan for them and their journey here, just as he does for all of us, that He uses all things for good, and that He had a plan for their life… It didn’t mean that they weren’t going to experience trauma or heartache or sorrow, but it meant that it all wove together in this beautiful tapestry that whether we’re 33 or 99, it forms a life. Then He showed me that I wasn’t really leaving them, that I was going to be a part of everything until I was rejoined with them and that we would be rejoined together.”

2. Nothing Harms Our Soul

Deborah says: “The message was given to me that nothing could harm the souls no matter what these events were – that the soul remained immortal and intact. I was shown a lot of things – births, deaths, and some pretty frightening images – conflict, war, people who had been traumatized in different ways. And again, I focused on watching the light and I was told repeatedly, ‘You see, none of these things can affect the soul. This is who you are and nothing that’s happened to you in your own life can really affect this.’”

The message that nothing can harm our or our loved one’s soul is super comforting despite the real pain, depression, wars, viruses, and numerous adversities we experience as humans. We’re assured there is a deeper and eternal part of us that is always untouched and unharmed – no matter what happens to us during our time on earth.

This comforting message aligns perfectly with the passage from the Bhagavad Gita which says, “Who you are cannot be touched by time; water cannot wet it, wind cannot dry it, weapons cannot shatter it, fire cannot burn it. It’s ancient, it’s unborn, and it does not know death…. These bodies are perishable, but the dwellers in these bodies are eternal, indestructible, and impenetrable.”

In each and every one of us, we can trust we have an immortal essence (our soul) that cannot be destroyed or killed – it lives on… NO MATTER WHAT. Our soul is completely safe, indestructible, and eternal regardless of what hardships and catastrophes happen to us during our temporary human life.

NDEr Ingrid Honkola says, “It is absolutely amazing to know that we are eternal, that death doesn’t exist, and that we are made of light.”

Remember, NDErs tell us we are so much more than our human body. While the adversities and hardships of this human life can wear us down mentally, break us down physically, and get us down emotionally, our eternal soul remains protected, perfect, and permanent.

We fully wake up to this encouraging and enduring knowledge when we get to the Other Side – but we certainly can benefit from embracing this critical understanding now too – especially when the hardships make it hard to go on.

3. We Need to Share Our Experiences, Insights, and Gifts to Help Others

ICU Patient in Heaven Speaking to Deborah: “’One of the important missions of your life is you really need to share. You kind of kept that experience to yourself – you didn’t share it with anybody. But now you have to do that. You know now is the time. That can help a lot of people.’ I was very happy to hear that from him. All of a sudden it made sense. It didn’t make any sense back in the 70s but at this moment in this place it made total sense to me.”

Because we all have essential purposes for our time here on earth, we all have important experiences, talents, insights, and gifts that can help a lot of people. However, many of us are reluctant, afraid, or terrified to share them for a variety of reasons.

Despite our doubts and hesitancy, there comes a time in our life when we must overcome our fears and share our gifts – or our purpose and mission in life are incomplete – and the people we were specifically sent here to help are left hanging.

Anyone who has read the 10 Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven book knows that I was scared to share the book with others. I waited and stalled for an agonizing two years to release it because, like Debbie, I was afraid of what people might think of me. I finally broke through those paralyzing yet self-inflicted fears to publish the book and now I’m so glad I did.

Similarly, think of the many people, including ourselves, who wouldn’t have been inspired and comforted by Debbie’s profound NDE had she not shared it with us.


What gifts do you have?

What fears are holding you back from sharing them?

How much could your contributions really help people?

When will you honor the nudges you’ve been getting to share your gifts?

How can you break through your fears, like Deborah did, and live more fully and fearlessly?


I hope Deborah’s soul-stirring NDE inspired you as much as it did me and so many others. Apply her heavenly insights to your life so that you too can live with more love and compassion.

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