Near-Death Experiencers consistently say the most powerful aspect of their NDE is the Life Review. Why?

Having a Life Review or learning about them changes who we are, how we think, and how we act going forward. Based on what we learn from NDErs, here are the 10 most common ways we can positively change following the knowledge of the Life Review:

1. Makes Us Much More Aware of Our Impact on Others

The Life Review awakens, expands, and deepens our understanding of the impact we have on others. Once we realize all the things we do to others will not only be experienced by them but also ourselves, we are a million times more conscious of and careful about the words we use with others and how we treat them. We now more fully comprehend the impact of our thoughts, words, and actions and want to do nothing to upset, harm, or hurt the beautiful and fragile souls around us.

“My NDE made me understand the true meaning of life and of human relations… I am much more aware of the effect of every single one of my words and actions will have on others on a deep soul level, and also because I now know with absolute certainty that ultimately it’s me that I am hurting in an unimaginable way from a human perspective.” Marion Rome

2. Encourages Us to Serve and Spread Love

After experiencing or learning about the Life Review, hopefully we all want to create and spread more love around our home, school, church, workplace, community, etc. Seeing the positive and virtually unending Ripple Effect a simple word of encouragement or random act of kindness creates should inspire and motivate us all to generate more of them. When we know how much a simple act of kindness means to people, it is easy to do more of them.

“My entire life has changed, I treat people differently and have become a more loving person all the way around.” Tammy H.

3. Reduces Our Unloving Thoughts, Words, and Deeds

Learning about the powerful impact of the Life Review, we too should proceed with much more caution, compassion, sensitivity, understanding, and empathy when we deal with our fellow human beings, animals, and environment. The Life Review teaches us to pause when we are frustrated, reflect on how we would want to feel, and lead with love rather than quickly and callously react with ego, anger, or fear.

“I became more tolerant of others, less reactive, and had more compassion for my fellow human beings, even those that commit what we consider in our relative world to be unforgivable crimes.” Helen S.

4. Compels Us to Make Amends and Right Our Wrongs

Experiencing all of the hurtful feelings our words and actions have created in others humbles us. Not only that, but it motivates and compels us to apologize to those we hurt and right the wrongs whenever possible. We now realize that something we didn’t think was a big deal may have been to someone else. After seeing and feeling the pain others experienced, we desperately want to apologize to them and let them know the actions came from our own fear, pain, ignorance, ego, or spite.

“After my experience, one of the first actions I did was write down a list of all the people that I could remember having hurt in my life. My negative Life Review had impacted me so strongly that my remorse pushed me to ask forgiveness… As I looked up people such as old friends and ex-girlfriends one by one, I realized that it was an expression of love to acknowledge their pain and say I was sorry for causing it.” Rene Jorgensen

5. Inspires Us to Live Purposely and Share Our Gifts

The Life Review teaches us that our life has a valuable and necessary purpose for the world and for our spiritual growth. It is our sacred responsibility and duty to find and fulfill these purposes during our time on earth. Rather than “wasting” our day on trivial matters, we seek to live a life that matters in accordance with our purpose.

“The angels told me that I still had a purpose to fulfill, many people to influence, that I had someone whom I was supposed to marry and have a meaningful life. They said it would be hard, that there were lots of trials, but that I would get through all of them with success. They said the world needed me right now.” Karie N.

6. Rearranges Our Values, Priorities, and Motivations

After having or learning about a Life Review, many people’s values, priorities, and motivations change. The things they once valued, focused on, and fretted about transform from the superficial things of life to the simple, significant, and sacred things of life.

“My values and belief system had changed. What used to be important was no longer important. Materialism, success, social status, competitiveness, and achievement didn’t matter anymore. The most important focus was to follow through with my three main messages from my experience: 1. To love self and others unconditionally and nonjudgmentally with the love I received on the Other Side, 2. To always seek knowledge, and 3. To live my life’s purpose.” Laurelynn Martin

7. Reveals Our Interconnection with Everyone and Everything

The Life Review shows how interconnected we all are with everyone and everything. What happens to a fellow soul whether they be in New Orleans, New York, New Delhi, or Neuvo Leon is of our concern. The injustices our black and brown brothers and sisters face are injustices we all must work to solve. The endangered animal species on the verge of extinction should concern us all. The precious rain forests being annihilated around the world impact us all, especially as climate change escalates. We come to see that we are all intricately linked in some way to each other and our planet. It may not be immediately apparent, but what we do and say impacts a wide swath of people and our environment.

“I’ve never lost that feeling that we are totally connected like a web or something, as if we’re all the same person and what happens to one person in another part of the world affects me.” Judith White

8. Motivates Us to Treat Everyone with Love and Respect

Because we know our words and actions matter, hopefully we treat everyone and everything with much more love and respect. We are much more polite, patient, and courteous to friends, family, and even strangers. We respect everyone no matter what their status, spiritual path, politics, or position might be in life.

“I realized how important people were in life, how important it was to accept them and love them. And I finally understood the old Mohegan Indian saying I had heard when I was in Girl Scouts, ‘Never judge another squaw until you have walked a mile in her moccasins.'” Laurelynn Martin

9. Moves Us to Be More Giving and Generous with Others

Understanding our interconnection with everyone, the Life Review encourages us to be more giving and generous with our fellow humans, especially those experiencing challenges like poverty and homelessness. We are now much more conscious of people’s struggles and willing to help with our time, treasure, and/or talents.

“I do tend to give a little more to charity now. Before, if somebody would pass me on the street and say, ‘Hey, do you have a dollar?’ I’d say, ‘No! Get away from me, man. Go get a job!’ I’m not that kind of person anymore. Now I might say, ‘Here’s $5. Go get yourself something to eat.’ I’ll do whatever I can do to help. I never used to be a generous person, I never looked to help anybody before. Now if someone needs my help, I’m more than happy to help.” Paul Johnson

10. Encourages Us to Be More Empathetic and Less Judgmental

Finally, the Life Review encourages us to put ourselves in the shoes of others. It encourages us to cut people some slack, understand they’re doing the best they can with their struggles and what they know at the time. Rather than immediately judging people, the Life Review reminds us to be more patient, tolerant, and accepting of our fellow souls, especially when we realize they’re likely reacting from their fears and frustrations.

“As you can imagine, an experience like that changes you. I’m not the same person I used to be. I experience much more grace toward others, even in minor situations. When I feel cheated or taken advantage of, when an erratic driver cuts me off in traffic, I am able to feel a gentleness toward the perpetrator that I didn’t before. When someone treats me rudely or disrespectfully, I remind myself that the person is, at that moment, the sum total of all his or her burdens and joys, successes, and failures… My Life Review had come to a close, but its impact would ripple through my life in countless ways.” Dr. Mary Neal

Having or learning about a Life Review can’t help but make us more conscious, compassionate, and caring people. We realize the tremendous impact we have on the world and deeply desire for it to be a beneficial one that creates a positive Ripple Effect for as many people as possible. Just as the Life Review changes the life of NDErs for the better, it can also positively change our life too when we act upon the lessons and exemplify love in our thoughts, words, and actions.

How the Life Review Can Change You

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